Jibreel Rayam: IASF Executive Director – Global entrepreneur Jibreel is the Executive director of the IASF. He has 22 years of experience in the competitive Cheerleading and Dance industry. He’s been an invested stakeholder and philanthropist that has served on many committees and in advisory roles throughout the sport all around the world. He is an integral member of the International cheerleading committee and takes pride in being an ambassador and an educator within the sport of cheerleading.

Playing a role in multiple sectors within the industry and sport. He has been a successful gym owner, program director, camp instructor, choreographer, global event producer, and international scoring official. He has worked and trained in over 20 different countries in some fashion. He’s choreographed/co-choreographed/co-coached and consulted for multiple IASF and ICU World championships, Pan American and European Championships. This also includes; NCA, Summit Championships and many National championships around the world. 

As an EP Jibreel, along with his former partners lead global expansion which created 5 different worlds bid events. The ATC team worked hard to provide opportunities to athletes, gyms and scoring officials in 3 different countries, (Australia, The States and Canada). He and his partners sold 4 of them to Varsity in 2017. They joined forces for 3 years building their international camps, choreography, and judges department before the Coronavirus Pandemic.