COVID Updates

Last updated: 17 June 2021
For any pressing inquiries please use the contact form to reach us.
Following the extension of Step 3 of the current government guidelines in England, FC Internationals in Bournemouth will be going ahead with some changes to the schedule as well as some logistical changes to how you attend the event. This includes the following: 

  • There will be 4 sessions in each arena on each day to reduce overall capacity within the building at any one time. Our event schedule is being updated accordingly and will be released to coaches by 18th June. Please check with your coach whether this will affect your team. 
  • Awards will be virtual rather than live and will be live-streamed for free on our YouTube Channel (link tbd) throughout the day. 
  • Entry to the Purbeck Hall will only be possible via the Purbeck foyer. This is accessed by walking around the outside of the building and will be signposted clearly. You will not be able to access the Purbeck Hall by entering the building through the main doors at the front of the BIC as Purbeck and Windsor Halls will be treated as two seperate arenas. Entry to the Windsor Hall will remain the same: through the main foyer. There will be signage to clarify required entry and exit points, and to control traffic flow throughout the venue. 
  • There will be no standing area and no standing allowed in either the Windsor or Purbeck Halls. Floor seating will be arranged in banks of 6 chairs, placed at 3m intervals  to allow people to comply with the government guidelines on social distancing indoors. Spectators and athletes are asked to remain seated at all times unless entering or exiting the halls. This may mean that you are unable to be at the front of the stage for your team’s performance.
  • When inside the BIC you must adhere to social distancing guidelines. This means groups no larger than 6, or a maximum of two households (this may be over 6 people).
  • Face coverings will be required indoors for all athletes, coaches, spectators, staff and other attendees aged 11 or over. Exceptions: athletes who are in warm-up or competing will not be required to wear a face covering, those exempt from wearing a face covering for medical reasons, when eating or drinking.
  • Once your team has performed we encourage you to exit the arena to reduce time spent indoors. 
  • Tickets will not be for sale on the day of the event.

COVID-19 INFORMATION: As the situation regarding COVID-19 continues, event dates may need to change and be adjusted. Coaches of registered teams will be notified of changes first, before information is released publicly. In line with our current Terms & Conditions, refunds will not be made to individuals directly. Any applicable refunds will be dealt with between Future Cheer and a program’s Primary Contact person. If you are an athlete or parent/guardian with a question regarding a refund, please discuss this with your team coach/program director as the first point of contact.

If you are a coach, join our Facebook group for Future Cheer Coaches to stay up to date with all the latest info.