About Future Cheer


Our Story.

Future Cheer has been the driving force in the development and expansion of the UK Cheer & Dance industry since it was established in November 2004.  At Future Cheer, we believe that every athlete should have the opportunity to gain valuable life lessons from their cheer and dance experiences. We believe that cheer and dance are more than pyramids, trophies, and applause! We believe cheerleading is much more than just a sport, it’s a great way to learn life skills that will serve all athletes well into the future and years to come. Not only do Future Cheer provide the ULTIMATE competition experiences, but we also provide PREMIUM education opportunities for athletes and coaches alike, continuing our commitment to safely progressing cheer & dance for the benefit of the whole community.

Future Cheer’s founding partners had been involved in cheerleading for more than a decade and could see the necessity to bring cheerleading in the UK to a new safe and professional level. Realising that by teaching a proper balance of skills, technique and safety, that cheerleading could be more than just fun, being committed to both safety and professionalism Future Cheer started its highly acclaimed educational program for both coach and athlete. From the outset, we realised the positive impact cheerleading and dance can have on all those who take part, teaching each athlete discipline, keeping fit, the importance of being an individual but also the reliance on others when being part of a team.

From the beginning Future Cheer invested in the sport and fast became the bench mark in the UK who others now aspire to.

Future Cheer, the very first organisation outside of the United States to join and be accepted by the USASF/IASF Governing Body. Investing heavily in the USASF/IASF rules Future Cheer brought them to the UK in 2004 to allow uniformity across organisations and countries.  We were one of the first to offer teams the opportunity and funding to take part at Cheerleading Worlds held each year in Orlando, Florida. USA. The first and only organisation from the UK to have a first place at Worlds. The first to bring a full-size cheerleading sprung floor into the UK and to use it as standard safety equipment at each competition since 2004. Future Cheer is cheerleading in the UK today, with education, competitions, apparel and more!

After all, by building on these things then, we will all have a solid foundation for the FUTURE!

Future Cheer