One of the head coaches at angels’ dance academy, running the lyrical and jazz programme. Been competing in worlds since 2011! As a lyrical choreographer she prides herself on standing out from the crowd, always aiming to use the stage to share topics and storylines that people can connect with and strive to create original concepts and choreography. 

  • 6x hiphop world champion
  • Team England hiphop manager
  • Future Cheer coach of the year 2022
  • Head coach and choreographer for ada virtues lyrical and jazz worlds teams
  • Bca innovative choreography award for 2022 /2023
  • ‘Move it’ headliner 2022/2023
  • Performed at Glastonbury festival 2022
  • Featured in Disney’s 2022 series “Willow”
  • Hiphop international world championship semi finalists 2022
  • BBCs the greatest dancer season 2 top 10

Trained at ADA and UEL university.