Most of our events are being livestreamed via this website!

Watching livestream could not be easier with Future Cheer.

Look at the competitions being livestreamed below, then select the correct pass for the day or the weekend you require. When puchasing the Livestream you will then be sent a access code to your email, all you will need to do is enter this access code into the correct competition and day below.

Be aware that some competitions like Bournemouth, there are mulitiple halls being used on the same day. So please check the running order if you are in any doubt.

Please also keep in mind, when you purchase an access code, it can only be used on ONE device. Once it has been used on that device, it cannot be used on another or other devices.


Q1) My code will not work on my phone and my iPad? A – Your streaming code will only work on 1 device. Not one device at a time but only on the first device you put the code into so make sure you know which device you want to watch the LiveStream on

Q2) Can I share my code? A – No, as above your code will only work on the first device you put it into

Q3) Can I rewind the LiveStream? A – While the event is happening the LiveStream is happening in real-time so there is no way to reverse it or catch up. Once the event has finished it becomes a Video On Demand event and then you can FF and RR and replay any section of the event you wish.

Q4) What if there are issues with my internet connection and I miss a performance? A- Once the days event has finished the LiveStream becomes a Video On Demand event and can be viewed again, so you can find the performance you missed and watch it.