Kaepa Cheerleading Trainers

Kaepa have manufactured Sports Shoes and Trainers for many years, and in the mid 1990's could see the need for a bespoke shoe designed especially for cheerleading. With the popularity and progression of the sport, Kaepa designed and pantented their Finger Grips Sole trainer, a unique design which is still use today in their innovative Touch Technology

Kaepa design trainers for all surfaces, sideline to competitions, as well as a trainers just for the gym. Using lightweight materials the Stellarlyte shoe weighs in at only 6 ounces, which helps when tumbling and stunting.


Kaepa Trainers designed for the job, comfortable to wear, durable and but gentle on your pocket. That's why they are the greatest used cheerleading trainer in the UK today!

Why not ask about our discount which are avalible for teams and large orders of 24+ pairs. Please contact us directley and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements. Tele 0208 669 2555.

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