It’s all in the name Future Cheer!… we’re always looking to the future and working to take the next step forward for UK Cheer & Dance! You’ll feel it from the start. Competing with FC is like surrounding yourself with family— we are there to support you and to help you when you need it. Whether it be sound advice on rules or a bit of help with planning your choreography we can help you via phone, email, or in person as you prepare for your competition experience with FC.

Cheerleading Training
Cheerleading Competitions

After all, if we build these things now, we have a solid foundation for our FUTURE

Our athletes, coaches, and spectators tell us over and over? FC is the most personal, professional, innovative, well-run competition in the UK. Add on the incredible FC atmosphere of safety, fun, and excitement for all, and you?ll know why the FUTURE is so bright!

Come FLY with us and see for yourself! 

  • All Future Cheer competitions are USASF/IASF sanctioned events. That means you're working under the guidance of the World Wide Governing Body for Sport Cheer & Dance!
  • Perform your regular cheer and dance routines while you enjoy a themed environment and fresh approach to competitions!
  • Forget the hassle and hidden fees, no membership or ID cards required.
  • Competition updates are sent to registered coaches as you prepare for your event so you know exactly what to expect before you even arrive!
  • Comprehensive rule interpretation and other assistance is just a phone call or email away! (Rulebooks are available online free)
  • The most extensive warm-up process in the UK to allow all the athletes safe and adequate preparation for their performances.
  • The athlete's preference of a full 54x42 sprung cheer floor (9 panels) and a sprung dance floor- the same floors that are used at the USASF/IASF Cheerleading and Dance Worlds!
  • Instant Replay facility at the judges table and a comprehensive scoring system to provide the most effective and consistent judging system in the UK.
  • Pick up your scoresheets on the day and make use of FCI for great feedback on how to do take your team onwards and upwards at the next competition!
  • Purchase your team/action photos on the day or online after the event, whichever you prefer!
  • Don't miss our exciting and interactive activities for athletes, coaches, and spectators alike! It is different every time and NOBODY does FUN like Future Cheer! Great prizes to be won!!
  • Always on time events that make it easy to plan your day and keeps mums and dads happy as well!
  • Knowledgeable, friendly staff are ready and willing to help you have a great day at Future Cheer
  • The ultimate music, the ultimate environment, the ultimate competition and the ultimate fun!