FC By the Beach: Internationals 2021

This competition is Europe’s LARGEST Cheerleading Competition!! At FC Internationals we bring together some of the most incredible Cheer & Dance teams in the UK today and all under one roof. This event provides multiple arenas for Cheerleading, Dance and Warm-Up, all in the same venue! There is easy access to hotels, shops, restaurants, and… sandy beaches. This one CANNOT be missed, so don’t wait, plan early to be a part of BIGGEST and FRIENDLIEST competition in the UK! If there’s one competition you do this year, it just has to be Future Cheer Internationals 2021!

All European Teams entering this competition are also eligible to win either an at large or partial paid bid to the IASF World Championships, Florida, as well as the Varsity Summit. 

The block schedule for FC Internationals:

(Future Cheer reserve the right to make changes to this schedule, however we will not move a divisions to a different day to what is listed below)

All Stunt groupsWindsor Session 1: Youth 1, Youth 1 Prep, Youth 1 Non Building.
Windsor Session 2: Youth 3-5, Junior 3-5 (All girl & Co-ed), IASF U17 3-5. Youth & Junior 3-5 Non Building, Special Abilities Cheer.
Windsor Session 3: Junior 1, Junior 1 Prep, IASF U17 1, Junior Novice, Junior 1 Non Building, U19 IASF 2

Purbeck Session 1: Mini1, Mini Prep 1, Mini Novice, Mini 1 Non Building.
Purbeck Session 2: Tiny 1, Tiny Prep 1, Tiny Novice, Mini 2, Mini 2.1 Prep, Youth 2.1 Prep, Youth Novice, Youth 2. Tiny 1 Non Building, Mini 2 Non Building, Youth 2 Non Building, U17 IASF Non Building 2
Purbeck Session 3: All Senior, Open and IASF Dance Teams, Master Dance, Master Cheer
Windsor Session 1: Senior 3-4, Senior Coed 3-4, Open 3-4, Open Coed 3-4, Senior 4.2 (All Girl & Co-ed), IO 4, IO Coed 4, IO Non Tumbling 3-4, Senior Non Building 3-4, Open Non Building 3-4.
Windsor Session 2: Senior 5 (All Girl & Co-ed), IO5, IOC5, IO6, IOC6, IO7, IOC7. Senior Non Building 5, Senior Non Building 6. 
Windsor Session 3: Senior 2, Senior 2.1 Prep, Open 2, Senior Non Building 2, Open Non Building 2.

Purbeck Session 1: All Tiny, Mini, Youth & Junior Dance Teams, Special Abilities Dance.
Purbeck Session 2: Junior 2, Junior 2.1 Prep, IASF U17 2.
Purbeck Session 3: Senior 1, Open 1, Senior Prep 1, IASF U19 1.