Future Cheer Education

Motivating, Training, and Inspiring the next generation of great athletes & coaches. 
Future Cheer Camps
Come be a part of the most progressive and innovative technique training available in the UK! The leader of technical cheer training in the UK, Future Cheer and Cheer Camp UK takes your team step-by-step safely through progressions to reach new heights! All instructors are USASF/IASF Certified and American trained...
Flight School: Athlete & Cheer Coach Conference
Future Cheer is proud to present the highly acclaimed FLIGHT SCHOOL - UK's ORIGINAL... AND THE BEST Coaches Conference.  Come train your current and future cheer coaches with top UK and USA instructors.  You won’t find a better opportunity all year to learn and gain that valuable experience to give you the edge for the coming season.
Cheer Coach Training: Building From the Ground Up
Future Cheer, the UK’s leader in safety and technical training, is proud to present a new chapter of excellence in coach education: “Building From the Ground Up!” This is the recognised British Cheerleading qualification making you insurable by Hiscox Insurance Ltd and Perkins Slade to teach.

Rule Book & Legality Questions

Future Cheer utilizes the most up to date USASF Cheer & Dance Rules. If you have any legality queries, please submit them using the form below. Please note that you should submit legalites at least ONE WEEK before the date of the event you are competing at. You can also download a copy of the FC Rulebook
Judges Course: Point Of View
he “Point of View” Judges Course is designed for EVERYONE. Some students will take the course simply because it helps them to become better coaches and choreographers when they understand the evaluation process. Others will take the course because they may actually want to become a judge!