BACK FOR 2021!!!
CONQUER THE CAPITAL - the ULTIMATE Battle Championships

Croydon, London, Saturday 27th February 2021

We are excited to announce our NEWEST event - Conquer the Capital!! Bringing you to the newly refurbished Fairfield Halls for what is set to be a great ONE day event! This London based venue has undergone a £30 million renovation and redevelopment and will provide a great competition environment!

Future Cheer are excited to offer dancers & cheer athletes a BRAND NEW way to prove they have what it takes to be THE BEST!

Register early as we anticipate that this event will fill up quickly!

Spectator Tickets will go on sale online at the FC Cheer Store approximately 2-3 weeks before the event subject to availability. Before that time Team Ticket Orders can be made when registering for the competition - we highly recommend you do this to avoid missing out! 

CLICK HERE for Event Schedule


DUO Battles: Duos will be available in the following styles – Hip Hop, Pom, Jazz & Lyrical Contemporary and in the following age divisions – Under 12 (6-11 years old), Under 16 (12-15 years old), Overs (16 and older).

Duos will choreograph a dance sequence of 6 x 8 counts to a specific song that will be sent out once registered for the event. The duos need to perform their choreography demonstrating their flair, technique, partner work, and originality, showcasing their chosen style. The piece should link to the song and demonstrate fluidity throughout! Judges will be looking for the duos who best hit their set piece looking particularly at Technique, Execution, Flow, Athleticism, Showmanship & Partner Work.

For each round, duos will take to the stage with their competitors. The song will play and they will dance their set piece, repeating the choreography until the judge has finished scoring. Judges will call out the number of the duos who will move on to the next round until we reach the final!

TRIOS: All styles battle it out to become the supreme champion in their age group!

Trios will put together a 1 minute 15 second routine to a song of their choice. Judges will use the same scoring criteria to pick the Trios Champion!

SOLOS: Offered for all styles (Hip Hop, Pom, Jazz & Lyrical Contemporary) in the above listed age groups (Under 12, Under 16, Overs). Solos will put together a 1 minute 15 second routine to a song of their choice. Judges will use the same scoring criteria to pick the Solos Champion!


S-T-U-N-T Battle: S-T-U-N-T Battle will be available for Group Stunts and Partner Stunts in the following age divisions – Under 12 (6-11 years old), Under 16 (12-15 years old), Overs (16 and older).

S-T-U-N-T is a game played by two stunt groups/partner stunt pairs. Once registered for the event, you will receive a list of all possible skills that you and your opponents can choose from. The idea of the game involves matching stunt skills. The group or pair who performs stunt skills that their opponent does not duplicate wins the game.

A coin toss will decide which pair or partner stunt goes first. The second group/pair performing must duplicate the first group/pair’s skill, if they successfully hit it. If the second group/pair misses the skill, they receive the letter ‘S’. If the first group or pair miss their skill, the second group/pair may attempt any skill. If that skill is hit, their opponents are obligated to duplicate it. Each time a group/pair misses a skill that they attempted to duplicate, a letter is "awarded". The game continues until one group/pair accumulates the 5 letters of S-T-U-N-T. The first group or pair who get to S-T-U-N-T loses, and their opponents move on to the next round!

Group Stunt & Partner Stunt: These divisions will be available for the following age groups: Tiny (3-6 years old), Mini (5-8 years old), Youth (8-11 years old), Junior (8-14 years old), Senior (10+ with at least 1 athlete 15 years or older levels 1-5. 12+ with at least 1 athlete 15 years or older for level 6) & Open (17 years old and above).


DUOS, TRIOS, S-T-U-N-T competitors and Group & Partner Stunt competitors placed in 5th to 1st place will receive their own individual competitive medal!

CASH PRIZES will also be awarded!! Our judges will pick an overall winner from all dance entries and one from all stunt group entries to win a CASH PRIZE!

Please note that Future Cheer reserves the right to close an event early if we experience a high volume of entries. We recommend that you register early and do not book accommodation until registered to avoid disappointment. *Solos/Individuals are offered at Circus spectacular, Paris & Barcelona only.

QR Code, Running Order for this Event.

We will post a QR code for the Conquer the Capital schedule before the event. The running order will be published approximately two weeks prior to the competition takes place. 

If you prefer a paper copy of the running order, please print this out and bring it with you, using the link above for the most up-to-date schedule. Please be aware that the running order is subject to change.

Please remember to click "Classic View" when viewing on your mobile device. 

Competition Schedule: Saturday 27th February 2021 - DANCE SOLOS, DUO BATTLES & TRIO BATTLES. STUNT GROUPS, PARTNER STUNT and S-T-U-N-T

Competition Floor: All athletes and dancers compete on the Theatre stage. Mats will be laid for Stunt Group/Partner stunt and S-T-U-N-T divisions.

Registration: To participate in any Future Cheer Competition you must submit the registration on-line along with full payment by the registration deadlines. Coaches Qualifications are also required

Spectator Tickets:  As always we recommend that you make a Team Ticket order when registering for an event. The deadline for team ticket orders is the On-time deadline for the competition. After this time tickets will go on sale online at the FC Cheer Store subject to availability.

2020-2021 pricing 

Adult Ticket (12 years and older) : Team order & online order £10:00. On the Door £12:50

Child  Ticket (3-11 years old) : Team order & online order £5. On the Door £6:50

Infant Ticket (Under 2) £0:00


If you require any further help regarding this event and competition please contact the following:

Early Registration, Registration, Payment, The Venue, Spectator Tickets, General Enquiries: email

Competition Divisions, Scheduling, Running Order, Warm Up, Legalities, Scoring Queries: email

or call us on 0208 669 2555