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15th & 16th October 16, Glasgow

22nd & 23rd October 16, Nottingham

29th 30th October 16, Milton Keynes


7th & 8th January 17, South London

16th & 17th February 17, Liverpool

11th &12th March 17, Essex. 

For a full list of Coaching Courses and dates including BGU Dance,  12 to 16 Junior Coach and BGU Experience please visit the BGU Website at : 

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Hands On & Theory Training for 
Cheerleading Coaches

Cheer Coach Training for Levels 1 and 2,  
Level 3 only, or Level 3+

Future Cheers partners are the UK's leaders in safety and technical training  and are proud to present a new chapter of excellence in coaching education: Building from the Ground Up (BGU)!
This recognised qualification was developed by BGU over many years by experts from the UK and other countries. Building from the Ground Up training, has become the bench mark and standard not only in Britain, but by others countries around the world due to it's levels of competence. You can book your place on the next avilable course, safe in the knowledge that you are joining the hundreds of coaches already qaulified, that your instructor has had many years of teaching cheerleading safetly and this course is backed by some of the biggest insurance companys in the UK.

New!!  Its not just about Cheerleading Training  as BGU Dance is now here for New and existing coaches. To find out more information check out the BGU Website here  

Who should attend the Building From the Ground Up course?

BGU 1-2 is perfect for coaches with 0-3 years experience or anyone who wants a refresher in training cheer athletes at IASF levels 1 and 2 (i.e.—coaches who are taking on L1 and L2 teams for the first time, working with younger athletes, etc.) BGU is also excellent for school teachers wishing to establish programmes within their schools, or for dance schools wishing to add cheer classes and a new revenue stream to their business. NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED.
Building From the Ground Up 3+ is designed for intermediate to elite level coaches and has pre-requisite requirements for eligibility to sit this course. To attend BGU 3 only or 3+ coaches must hold a valid BGU 1-2 qualification, or have completed and passed USASF coaches credentials levels 1-3 within the last 12 months.

NEW TO BGU!! Feel you're ready to progress from BGU 1-2 but not quite ready for the full BGU 3+ - No problem! You can now register for BGU 3 Only. This one day course will expand your knowledge of level 3 skills and enable you to gain a BGU Level 3 qualification.

Why train with BGU when there are other options available?

Building from the Ground Up, carries unsurpassed expertise and experience within the international cheer industry. This expertise translates into a solid technical curriculum focused on safety, programme sustainability, coaching ethics/standards and physical skills progression based on the world-wide standard for cheer levels/rules from the International All-Star Federation (IASF). The IASF is the world-wide Governing Authority for sport cheer and dance, guided by industry experts from around the world, so you know your coaching staff is learning skills that apply within THE standard set for cheerleading athletes and coaches around the world.
Cheerleading Training

How is the course assessed?

The course is a hands on course, supplemented by a comprehensive coaching manual. You will be assessed by our qualified BGU Instructors through observation of your coaching skills and interaction over the course of the weekend. At the end of each day you will also sit a written exam (closed book) to test your knowledge of material taught that day. A combination of your test results and that instructors obervations will determine the outcome. 

If its Cheerleading Training you require BGU has got to be the course for you


Sometimes we may feel that you need further experience before being able to issue you with a BGU qualification. In this instance you will be asked to complete a number of supervised coaching hours with a qualified coach. Once these are signed off you can submit videos for reassessment. If our instructors are satisfied that you are coaching competantly and safely, we can then issue your certificate.

Can my Coaching Staff get Insurance Coverage when they do Building From the Ground Up?

Yes. Following full participation within a BGU course, coaches are issued a certificate of completion that is accepted by Hiscox Insurance Ltd and Perkins Slade for insurance coverage for coaching at IASF levels 1 and 2 (or 1-5 if applicable) . The Building From the Ground Up course is very intensive, all-inclusive, and demands a physical and mental preparedness to learn and internalize curriculum content that will prepare coaches to function within their own cheer programmes.

What do I do when my qualification is due to expire?

BGU qualifications last for 3 years from the date of the course attended. When your BGU qualification is due to expire you have a number of options:

  • Attend another BGU Level 1-2 course. We make sure that our BGU courses are giving you the most up to date information and coaches techniques so you will always benefit from attending the course again.
  • Attend a BGU 3 Only or 3+ course. If you feel that you are ready to progress and expand your teaching knowledge, you may chose to attend one of these courses rather than renew your BGU 1-2 qualification.
  • Renew your BGU qualification by video submission. You can chose to video yourself coaching a set list of skills and submit this for assessment by our qualified BGU Instructors.

So where would you like the next BGU Course?

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Dates & Additional Info

All Building From the Ground Up dates and venues will be added and announced here as needed. If you have a group of 15+ coaches wishing to take a course in one area, email Future Cheer to schedule a private session here
What do I do if I have read the info pack and website and still have more questions about Building From the Ground Up?
We’re more than happy to assist you with your inquiries. Please feel free to e-mail us at . Or, you can call the Future Cheer office in London at 0208 669 2555. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you!