Rules & Scoring Information

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Future Cheer adheres to the IASF rules. For the latest information:

Cheerleading rules & scoring information

Future Cheer follows IASF rules and works with the Varsity scoring system. View scoring information below.

Please send all Cheer legality queries to

20/21 All Star Elite L1/L2Mini Score Sheet

20/21 All Star Elite L2-5 & 6J Score Sheet

20/21 IASF Cheer L1 Score Sheet

20/21 IASF Cheer 2-5 & 6J Score Sheet

20/21 IASF Cheer L6/7 Score Sheet

20/21 IASF Cheer Non-Tumbling Score Sheet

20/21 IASF Global Cheer Score Sheet

20/21 University Non-Tumbling Score Sheet

20/21 Prep Cheer Score Sheet

20/21 Tiny Novice Score Sheet

20/21 Mini & Youth Novice Score Sheet

20/21 Non Building Scoresheet Score Sheet

Note that IASF Level 1-6 (Summit) and Level 6-7 (Worlds) divisions will be scored using the Varsity All Star scoring system and scores then re-weighted to reflect the emphases of the IASF score sheet.
For Summit coaches: use the regular all star teams scoring file from above, then check the IASF Master scoresheets below for weightings

If you have any questions regarding scoring please use our contact form to send your inquiry to Rules & Scoring.

Dance rules & scoring information

Please send all Dance legality queries to

Future Cheer Pom Score Sheet

Future Cheer Jazz Score Sheet

Future Cheer Hip Hop Score Sheet

Future Cheer Lyrical/Contemporary Score Sheet

Solo, duo and stunt group rules & scoring information

20/21 Stunt Group Score Sheet (NOTE: see toss grid PDF below)

20/21 Cheer Individuals Score Sheet

Future Cheer Dance Solo Score Sheet

20/21 Dance Duos Score Sheet

20/21 Cheer Duos Score Sheet