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Who are Cheer Camps UK and Why Recommend them? So many times we have heard that a team have asked for help from a choreography becouse they are American who is in cheerleading... Then find thierselves let down by the whole experiance. With Cheer Camps UK you will not have this worry and are safe in the knowledge that you getting one of the best in the sport.



Morton Bergue

Bringing fun and excitement to any camp with his motivated and outgoing persona. Morton is known around the world as one of the front runners and a creator of competitive cheerleading as it is today. He has a great reputation with all athletes and students he has helped along his journey. Morton was influential in the creations of multiple competitive associations such as (USASF) United States All Star Federation, Northern California All Star Alliance (NCAA) and the National All-Star Cheerleading Coaches Congress (NACCC) just to name a few. He has won multiple awards throughout a career that spans over 35 years and to this day continues his amazing work inspiring teams in the gym, consulting, conference speaking and choreographing all over the world. A testament to all these years of dedication to the sport Morton was recognised by the USASF in 2006 when they inducted him as the very first person to the USASF Hall of Fame.

Morton’s place in History

Lawrence Herkimer (Herkie) is widely recognised as the American innovator of modern cheerleading that is recognise by us today. In 1948 Herkie founded NCA (National Cheerleaders Association) and a year later the first person to start cheerleading camps. Herkie’s very first camp was attended by 53 participants and held in Houston, Texas, USA. His vision from the outset with camps was to bring cheerleaders together to learn new skills and techniques under the guidance of qualified instructors. In the early 1980’s and with the tremendous growth of both NCA and cheerleading, Morton was employed by Herkie as a Camp Instructor, which he did for many years.

By 1986, the sport began to be known as All-Star Cheerleading and competitions with competing teams took the sport by storm. But until Morton and close friend opened Pyramids Inc. on the west cost of California, teams were forced and could only practice in parks, backyards and old gyms as there was no organised place for them to learn and practice. These then specialized cheerleading gyms on the West Coast were some of the very first to give athletes a safe and serious place to train all year round.

To Date

In recent years Morton has travelled the world, being invited to attending conferences and speak on both Cheerleading and Dance and its choreography. Also One of his biggest accomplishments in recent years Morton has been ask to choreograph the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade each year held in New York which is seen by Millions across the United States.

Cheer Camps UK

Now, and in new chapter in Morton’s career he has joined up with a British partner to bring you Cheer Camps UK. With Cheer Camps UK you can call on his wealth of knowledge from a lifetime in this sport helping you with a Choreography Camps or a Clean-Up Clinic to get your team motivated for their next competition or show.

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