Following on from the success of our event held in March, and fast becoming one of the best competitions in France, we are now holding another competition to celebrate the approaching festive season.    

This is a jam packed weekend with the Competition and Magical Awards Ceremony. Of course there's also all the fun of the two Disney themed parks packed with over 50 rides and attractions, restaurants and Disney characters as well as the added bonus of a snow capped Main Street and festive Christmas market. What more do you need in a destination competition experience?! Join us in Paris in 2020!

Please note that due to the popularity of this event, Stunt Groups, Individuals & Solos may take place on the evening of the Friday


Please visit www.fcbringsiton.com for package information


As with all of our events, International teams are very welcome!

To enter this competition:

 First, Contact Take Us 2 the Magic to book your championship package. 

Call  0170954307  or   Email:  enquiry@takeus2themagic.co.uk    also  here for their website

Second, Complete the online registration via   https://apps.ideal-logic.com/futurecheer  

(Online registration is now open but please be sure to book with Take Us 2 The Magic before registering online with us)

If you need help or any further information please contact us via email fcadmin@btconnect.com 


Competition floors: All Cheer Teams compete on a 54 ft. wide X 42 ft. deep SPRUNG FLOOR. All Dance Teams compete on a 50 ft. wide x 36 ft. deep Marley dance floor. The floor is laid directly over the sprung cheer floor to give the dancer's preference of a sprung dance floor.

A Magical weekend at Disneyland Paris...

Disneyland Paris, France


Disneyland Paris

77777 Marne-la-VallĂ©e, 


**Please Note**  All Disney and Disneyland Paris images are copy written,  and are the property of The Walt Disney Company