TY Rainbow Llama and Bow MEDIUM


We have our lovely rainbow Llama and bow available in two sizes; this is for the medium Llama

'I am Lola the llama and bright as can be. I’m made up of many colors or silver you see. I look striped when you see me right there as I stand, but you can change all of my colors with a swipe of your hand.'


 July 21


I'm a cute little llama all cuddly and furry

Take a ride on my back if you're not in a hurry.

This llama features color-changing reversible sequin fabric

 Swipe one way and it becomes one color, swipe the other way and it becomes another!

 Dazzling fluorescent, iridescent, pearlescent, and even holographic colors!


Includes official Ty Heart and poem

Surface clean only

Recommended Age: 3 yrs+

Height: 15 CM

Width: 7.5 CM

Length: 8 CM

Weight: 8.7 KG

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