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TY flippable Large


These adorable toys are a very popular addition to our range.

Many different designs to choose from, just select your toy or by the birthdate.

List of Birthdates

CRUNCH - 12th October

SPARKLE - 6th April

STOMPY - 26th November

DIAMOND - 1st March

MOONLIGHT - 5th June

TREMOR - 5th September

JEWEL - 22nd August

PAYTON - 20th January

PINKY - 8th July

MALIBU - 19th February

YAPPY - 12th May

PERRY - 25th April

WILMA - 25th April

DANGLER - 22nd February

STAR - 4TH May

PIXY - 26th May

FANTASIA - 8th May

GILDA - 26th February

Blitz - 12th January

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