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Airbac Cheerleading Backpack

 Price £80

  • Feels like you're carring half the weight.... AIRBAC with it's patented air support system allows the weight in the backpack to rest comfortably just above the waistline, to literally take the weight offyour back and sholders.
  • AIRBAC technology enables your body to relax in an upright position ( as opposed to a hunched over postiton to compensate for the weight)
  • The AIRBAC has padded sholder straps that are fully adjustable to customised the fit of the bag to you.
  • The AIRBAC Cheerleading backpack comes in four different colour: Silver / Black, Pink, Sky Blue and Gold.
  • Each backpack comes with the Patented Air Support System. Two Rhinestone Side Pockets. Large main padded compartment to carry and protect electronics. A Chrome hook on the back to hang your accessories and bows!
For more information on how AIRBAC works visit the AIRBAC here


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