Stephanie Ammirati is the National Scoring Director for Varsity All Star.  She started with NCA as a camp instructor in 2002, teaching both HS and College camps for 10+ years.  In 2008, she took a full time role with Varsity Spirit, working in the NCA office in Dallas in the competition department.  

Throughout her career with Varsity, she has worked directly with sales, scoring, judges and competitions.  Stephanie was one of the first All Star Advisors and has been an integral part of Varsity All Star since its inception in 2010.  She helped create, develop and implement the Varsity All Star Scoring System over 10 years ago and now does the same for the United Scoring System.  

This is the most widely used and known scoring system in the All Star industry.  Stephanie is responsible for the continued evolution of the scoring system and creating consistency in scoring across all Varsity All Star Brands, as well as the training and education of the Varsity All Star Certified Judges.  

She is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Education. Stephanie and her husband, Dan, live in Huntsville, AL.