Debbie has worked in several cheerleading gyms, high schools and college level and serves on the Board of Directors of USASF, rules committee, Connection leader, DEIS Committee and Wellness group as well as Disciplinary Chair!  

She has owned and coached  in a gymnastics gym in Kentucky called Bluegrass Gymnastics Training Center and has been a level 10 gymnastics judge for 10 years. Currently she is a national and international clinician in Injury Prevention Conditioning, Tumbling, Sports Psychology, and Flexibility!

Debbie fell in love with tumbling as a 9 year old when her Dad taught her a front walkover and cartwheel and has done it since then!  She loves physics, physiology and biomechanics all of which are used in all sports. It is her passion to watch athletes grow physically and mentally through the vehicle of Sports in a positive,  progressive and growth oriented environment!

Inducted into the USASF Hall of Fame in 2010

Won the Pinnacle Award in 2009

Serves on the Board of Directors, Rules Committee, Leadership committee, Disciplinary Committee, NASC Connection Leadership Council and Tumbling Committees for the USASF. Recently helped write FUNdamentals, a new progressive entry level program for USASF! Working currently on The Wellness Committee and the DEIS Committee for the USASF!  

Has won Worlds and every other major competition including High School Nationals and College Nationals.