USASF spreads its wings around the globe:   Introducing the International All-Star Federation (IASF)—the world-wide governing authority for All-Star Cheer & Dance. Due to the dramatic growth, the USASF has expanded its role in the international cheer and dance community. As the largest governing body for all-star cheer and dance both domestically and internationally, the USASF members around the world requested that the USASF create an international name and logo to recognize the collective efforts. The US All Star Federation (USASF) will remain the name for the US governance responsibilities while the name for international goveranance responsibilities is the International All Star Federation (IASF).


Angel Dance Academy


Celebrating their first place at the USASF / IASF Worlds representing the United Kingdom and Future Cheer. ADA competed in the Hip Hop Division held at Epcot, Disneyland, Florida. Which only goes to show....


" Dreams really do come true" 

The mission of the USASF/IASF is to increase the number of particapants who benefit from the positive life experiences of all-star cheer and dance. It's about safety standards.   It's about coaches' education. It's about providing a safe environment to allow for the continued growth of all star cheerleading and dance across the world. It's about parents knowing their children are being taught using safe methods that are in accordance with the standard of care. It's about standardization of rules from one competition to the next. It's about bringing the world together once a year in March, to compete and experience cheer & dance from around the world.

As Future Cheer was the first international member of the USASF & IASF , we are excited about the future of the USASF & IASF and how Future Cheer can serve the international cheer and dance community in the years to come! To find out more go to the main web site USASF & IASF Cheerleading