Barcelona competition 23rd June 2018

        BGU Coaching Courses 

BGU have just released new upcoming coaching course dates for the coming 12 months to help you plan your season. The new courses are being held all over the UK  (and now in Canada!). See below for a location near you...


Gloucester in March 18

Leeds in April 18

Nottingham in May 18

If you can't see a course near you, why not email BGU and suggest a good location? Or you could book a "private" BGU just for your team or club. (**Minimum numbers required**)  

Also Look out of BGU's New First Aid Courses 

to help you complete your coaches training.

With over 54 training courses to choose from across the UK, please go to for further information and to book your course.

10 years of training and 1000's of Cheerleading Coaches qualified ....... That's what they do!


FC Competition Dates 

2017-2018 Competition Season


Superhero Spirit Challenge,  Braehead, Glasgow, 26th May 18

Into The Future, Brighton Centre, 9th-10th June 18 

Barcelona 18, Spain 23rd June 18 *New Event*

Schools Out, BIC, Bournemouth, 6th July 2018

FC Internationals, BIC Bournemouth, 6th-8th July 18 

2018-2019 Competition Season

Jungle Fever, Bolton Arena, Bolton, 18th Nov 2018

Winter Wonderland, Colchester, 8th-9th Dec 2018 

Heart of England, Manchester Central, 9th Feb 2019 NEW VENUE - DUAL ARENA EVENT
UK University Nationals, Manchester Central, 10th Feb 2019 NEW VENUE - DUAL ARENA EVENT
Circus Spectacular, Sheffield, 2nd-3rd March 2019
Spotlight Showdown, Colchester, 9th-10th March 2019
FC Brings It On, Paris 23rd-24th March 2019
Adventure in Atlantis, April 2019 date TBC
Gateway to the Galaxy, Sheffield, 11th-12th May 2019
Superhero Spirit Challenge, Glasgow, 25th May 2019
Barcelona 19, Spain 8th June 2019
Into the Future, Brighton Centre, 15th-16th June 2019
Schools Out, BIC, 5th July 2019
FC Internationals, BIC, 5th-7th July 2019

Spectator Tickets can now be ordered direct through the registration system when you enter an event. The exceptions to this are FC Brings It On, FC Internationals and Schools Out - tickets for these events will be purchased directly from the BIC. Information on this will be sent to all teams once registered. for more information on Spectator Tickets, click here

If they are on "Open Sale" for a competition click here 


(If you registered your program/teams in a previous season, there's no need to create a new account for 2017-2018)


Future Cheer is honoured to be recognised as one of the top International Cheerleading and Dance Companies in the World and one of only a select few cheerleading event companies to be able to send teams each year to compete at this competition. Any team can now compete to qualify for The Summit at selected regional events thought out the year. 

The Summit is held in Disney World Resort, Orland Florida. More information will follow shortly or visit the summit page here.


From the very beginning in 2004 Future Cheer had the vision of bringing teams together to compete under just one set of rules.

Future Cheer were the first company here in the UK (and only one of eight at that time outside of the USA) to adopt the USASF Rule set and to send teams to the USASF/IASF Worlds Championship in 2006. Since the first team to represent the UK and Future Cheer attended Worlds in 2006, there are now nearly thirty UK teams from qualifying event companies every year attending the World Championships.

In 2016 because of our commitment to the IASF as well as running some of the biggest and best Competitions in Europe, Future Cheer were given the privilege to represent UK cheerleading on the IASF International Board. To find out more about Worlds and USASF / IASF click here

Cheerleading Training

Future Cheer Internationals 2018 - Friday 6th (PM), Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th July 2018        

Bournemouth International Centre

Why compete at Future Cheer Internationals?  Friends, The Beach, The Sand, The Sun, The Fun and much more...


The quality of judges assembled for just this one competition is outstanding! We bring you World Class and highly experienced judges, including many Worlds judges in Cheer & Dance!

2017 Prize Give Aways

Our great Session Prize giveaways for this year amount to the value of £14,000! All teams stand the same chance of winning some fantastic prizes just for being part of the Largest Competition in Europe. The Prizes include...

  • Free Competition entry to our New "Spotlight Showdown Competition" in Colchester, Essex, March 2018.
  • Three Hour Free choreography camp.
  • Free Competition entry to our New "Gateway to the Galaxy Competition" in Sheffield, May 2018
  • Fully paid team Competition Fees, including Travel and Hotel at Disneyland Paris worth £6,000 (Take us 2 the Magic)
  • Four Free GOLD PASS entries to Flight School on 23rd-24th September 2017 
  • Free entry into our "Into to the future" Competition at the Brighton Centre, June 2018 
  • Photography Packages for a team that includes all photos and video for the 2017/2018 season (This is for one team )
  • £2000 worth of Cheer apparel of your choice for your team including Kaepa Trainers.
  • Up to £2000 at 20% off brand new Uniform and Apparel for your team (Courtesy of Varsity Europe) 

2019 Worlds Cheerleading Qualifying

Partial Paid Bids:

Two Partial Paid Bids will be given for Cheer and Two Partial Paid Bids will be given in Dance. In total there will be Four Partial Paid Bids offered at this year’s competition to eligible teams.

A Partial Paid Bid offer for this year will consist of £200 per athlete going to represent Future Cheer and the UK at IASF Worlds 2019. 

(Example: if a winning team are sending twenty three athletes to Worlds 2018, Future Cheer will pay £4600.00 towards their trip.)

Future Cheer were the very first International company to offer Worlds Bids and recognise the expense of going to Florida each year to compete. We hope that by tailoring the bid offers in this way, we make it fair for all teams regardless of the size of team they are taking to the World Championships.

At Large Bids

At large bids will be given in proportion to the qualifying Partial Paid Bids offered to a maximum of two At Large bids per Partial Paid bid awarded.

FC Internationals is a Qualifying Event for European teams for IASF

Worlds 2019
  • With Bournemouth Airport only 15 mins away from the heart of Bournemouth and flights reaching out to most major European Cities and Countries, getting to Europe's largest Cheerleading and Dance event could not be easier.
  • All European Teams now stand a chance of winning any of our BIG prize draws and a bid to represent their Country at the 2019 IASF World Championships, Florida, USA.


International All Star Federation Members

Future Cheer is proud to be the first international member of the USASF/IASF and to provide both Partial Paid and At Large bids to the USASF Cheerleading and Dance Worlds in Orlando, Florida.

British Cheerleading